Our Classes

All classes are offered as group lessons. The group lesson format allows students to meet other kids that are playing Irish Music. It exposes them to the other instruments and lets them get used to playing with other people. In the group setting less experienced musicians will get to hear the more experienced players demonstrate how a tune should be played so they will more easily pick up the style. On the other hand the more experienced players will get the chance to review tunes they already know which leads to mastery of that tune. 

ALL NEW STUDENTS will receive one free complimentary private lesson to evaluate placement into an appropriate class. Private lessons are held at my home in North Royalton or before the start of group classes. 

Fiddle Primer- This is our only single instrument class. If you have never held a fiddle before this is the place to start. You’ll learn how to hold the violin, where your notes are, and how to play a few songs. However, if you can already play a few basic tunes like Twinkle Twinkle little star an the Kerry Polka then you are ready for Level 1.

Level 1- All Melody players are welcome to start here. You will learn about your chosen instrument, and where the notes are. You will also learn about the various tune types in Irish music, how to play them and even a few songs in Irish!

Level 2- This level expands on everything that was learned in Level 1. We will continue to learn songs and new tune styles. In this level you will also learn your first real jigs and reels as you start to build fluency and speed on your instrument. Audition requirements: Students should be able to play 4-5 basic songs, polkas and marches. 

Level 3- This is our last basic level of classes. Students in this class will focus on expanding their repertoire. In addition to that they will learn to incorporate ornaments into their playing. Audition requirements: Students should be able to play basic jigs and single reels up to speed. They should also have a tune repertoire of at least 15 tunes including marches, polkas, jigs and single reels.